Sunday, January 25, 2009

Peaceful Weekend

I've had such a good son and his sweetie were home this weekend. We watched movies and chatted most of the weekend away! It's always so good to see them. Our neighbor's son celebrated his 15th birthday this weekend too. He asked permission to use our back yard for a bonfire could we resist? He was in the backyard bright and early Saturday gathering downed limbs and branches to build up the was great. Not only did we get to play host for his party, but we also have a nice clean back yard! hee hee :-)

I've been playing around with a sweet little angel this week...I just finished her today.

I have had fun using my artist pencils lately. I love to try new things and I just love the soft look I get from the pencils. Her Heart is all embroidered in colored floss that coordinates so well with her outfit. I'm going to have a hard time letting this little angel fly away to her forever home! :-)

Wishing you sweet dreams....Susan


~Tonya said...

It does sound like you had a very nice weekend, Susan. It would be a wee-bit cold here, to have a bon fire. LOL Try only a few above zero...too cold for me.

Your angel is so very pretty. I love the pillow and yes, artist pencils are fun to play with. Looks like lots of us have been playing with different mediums lately :)

Have a great evening.

auntmannys said...

Susan dear! Oh how I miss you! Your new angel is just adorable. Sounds like you had an awesome weekend...with as cold as it is here we would have had to set the house on fire to have a bonfire big enough to keep

You take care and keep in touch!


Doreen said...

Susan..she is absolutely wonderful...just gorgeous!!!

So glad you had such a wonderful does sound fun and relaxing.


kornkribprimitives said...

Dear Susan

It sounds like you had an awesome weekend and you were so kind to loan your yard for a bonfire. What a great neighbor!

Your angel doll is just amazingly beautiful!!! It amazes me to see how you as well as other designers can draw those lovely eyes. God blessed you with a gift. I can't wait to see your next prescious doll.

Your angel will bring a smile to someone's face daily.

Prim Blessings ~ Linda

Anonymous said...

She is lovely Susan, I am so happy you had a wonderful weekend with your son and his sweetheart...Doesn't time fly when you are having fun!?? The pencils are nice, I have some Prismacolor artist pencils and some Dewent watercolour pencils, haven't played with them much but, I can see the appeal...
Beautiful work, Hugs MO

Anonymous said...

PS!!! I just saw that you were doing a workshop in May!! Wow, what fun, oh I wish I did not live in Oregon sometimes, all of the fun stuff is on your side of the states.... LOL!! Wow, I can't wait to see pics, I am sure it will be an adventure and the Party girl make-do for the workshop is just so awesome!!! Hugs, MO