Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Is it Spring yet?

What happened to our warm weather? I guess that serves me right getting all excited about daffodils popping up and the tips of my day lillies peeking from the ground...haha I know, I know...I've got it easy here in Atlanta compared to all my friends up North. I'm starting to think that old 'wives tale' is true about a person's blood thinning once they have been in the South for any length of time. I used to make it through those Upstate NY winters pretty hardily, but now.....pfsshhh...forget about it!

I've been busy in the studio these days...it's been lots of fun finishing up this sweet special order dollie for my friend, Kitty! She will be heading home soon, so I thought I better get some pics of her before she leaves the studio...

I've also been busy with my little Spring Thyme gal...Violet!

She just made it out to Ebay tonight! I hope you'll take a peek and tell me what you think of her, ok?

My TDIPT sisters are participating in a Spring/Easter Swap this month. I feel like one lucky ducky since my sweet swap partner Nancy Malay shipped early so I have my wonderful goodies. Everything is so precious....take a peek...

Look at these precious handmades from Nancy....

Pssst...those Ghiradelli Peanut Butter Squares are SCRUMPTIOUS!!! I am going to try the Ghiradelli Coffee tomorrow so I'll let you know how that is...can it be anything other than DELICIOUS with Ghiradelli on the package? hee hee

Okay...I'm signing off for the night...I hope you have a blessed evening...Hugs--Susan


WoolenSails said...

What wonderful goodies. I always enjoy swapping with my prim friends. I have had it with snow, we got way too much and I am getting way too old to shovel;)


Diana said...


Naija said...

i like violets purple fabric

Tina said...

I like violet so much and her flower just caught my eye.

What a talent you have.

enjoy your warmer days. I'm praying for spring and warmth here in WV.


Prim and Proper Folks said...

Awwww..thank you so much! At least we can dream about Spring and create these sweet spring thyme dollies to play with, right?

I hope you are staying warm and enjoying some quiet time to create!


Sherry's Cabin said...

Susan, Violet really should come live at my house! You did a fantastic job, as always! Boy, you hit paydirt on all the goodies you received!

~Tonya said...

HI Susan, I am ready for SPRING! But, yesterday we received SNOW. Not much, but enough to be a reminder and it is still WHITE all over.

Love your dollies and your goodies from Nancy. I sent my swap out on friday...I was on time! Lynn sent mine out on Friday as well. Swaps are so much fun.

Your goodies from Nancy are so wonderful. Love that bunny.

Have a great day and stay warm.