Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Here I go again!

Okay...I am not sure what happened to my well made plans of writing at least on a weekly basis, but here it is three weeks later and I am just now posting! Hmmmph...that just won't do, will it!?

My workspace is just a wreck and I believe that is why I am having such a hard time sitting down and writing here (okay...at least that's my excuse for today :-)). So...I have decided to give my computer workspace a makeover. I have a beautiful workspace pictured in my mind that would be more inviting and therefore (at least I hope) feel inspired to work here.

Here is my BEFORE picture:

Okay...it's not TERRIBLE, but it's no very inspiring either. If I could create my dream workspace I would have:

1. room for all my filing - no more crates and no more paper sorters on my desktop.

2. printer space - right now my big old ugly printer sits on a folding table - maybe an attractive filing cabinet (that rolls) would fit the bill and provide storage for my files at the same time! I like that - two birds with one stone - multifunctional is good, right?

3. attractive storage - okay...this goes along with the #2 - it has to look good and be functional. But also I would like some storage bins for the cubbies above the monitor. I could store lots of the little things on my desk without having to look at the clutter.

4. clean workspace - I have a glass top on my desktop, but with all the clutter, it's hard to keep it clean, so I think this might be part deaux of #3. Also, I'm thinking it might be nice to put a pretty fabric under the glass...maybe something to match the memory board? hmmmm...

5. comfortable chair - I would LOVE to have a functional, armless office chair. My old dining room chair needs to be retired or put to better use. Maybe I could even recover and paint it to use as chairs in hubby's office?

6. memory/memo board - I'm thinking about making a memory board for the back of the armoire/workspace. It would definitely be nicer to look at, but functional. I could post my daily to do list and maybe a picture or two of the fam?

7. Daily to do list - I've heard it takes 21 days to create a habit...I'm going to have to get into the habit of making a to do list, but I think there is a daily list of things that I would like to accomplish that never changes. This would be a good addition to the memory board, don't you think?

I'll take an after pic to share with you, ok? BUT, I would love to see pics of your computer space (if you would like to share with me)! email them to me at primandproper@bellsouth.net. I welcome any suggestions as I am feeling organizationally-challenged these days! haha

I wanted to share some great news with you...I have been accepted as a member of a wonderful group of artists...Prim and Whimsy Girls! Prim and Whimsy Girls can be found on Ebay by typing PWGL in your Ebay search bar, as well as on their website Prim and Whimsy Girls. There is always something fun happening with this group! I hope you'll be able to visit and I'll be sure to give you updates as I move forward with this talented group of artists!

Okay...I'm going to close for now, but I PROMISE to share more with you later this week!!! Wishing you many blessings today....Susan

Saturday, March 14, 2009

New Offerings!

What a great week! I've had so much fun in the studio this week. It's time to unveil my latest offerings for the TDIPT Mercantile.

I hinted last post about some new dollies I have been working on this week...well, here they are: Sister Angels! Creating them really challenged me in new ways, first and foremost because of their size...they are only 12" tall. Those of you familiar with my work know that I work on a MUCH larger scale! haha Adding all the details to their dresses and wings and even their serene 'mask' faces was exciting and very rewarding in the end. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! :-)

I thought it might be fun to mix and match fabrics from different collections, but with the same colors to tie them together and I got this explosion of Spring colors and Spring Queen was born! This sweet girl makes me smile and has been very good company this week in the studio. Being a Queen, well, don't you know she's very well behaved! :-)

I hope you'll get a chance to pop over to the Mercantile to take a peek at all the wonderful Spring offerings available. In celebration of our 2nd Anniversary, we are having a Birthday Bash complete with door prizes so be sure to enter to win, ok?

Have a wonderful evening...Susan

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ain't She Sweet

Well, I just finished up this little cutie patootie and listed her on Ebay last night. I just love the way she finished up and boy, oh boy, those are my colors! I love that deep dark chocolate brown and robin's egg blue combination, don't you? It's one of those color combinations that works spring, fall, summer and winter.

I'm planning on spending the day in the studio today, putting the finishing touches on my offerings for the TDIPT Mercantile update on the 15th. (psssttt...don't tell anyone, but we really update on the evening before so if you want to be the first one to take a sneak peek at the new goodies being offered be sure to pop in around 9pm on the 14th!!)

I'm working on something a little bit different for me that I hope you will enjoy...it's a sweet little gathering entitled "Sisters" and that's all I'm going to say about that. :-)

Okay..well I'm off to start my day. I'm wishing you a day full of happiness today...Blessings to you...Susan

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Is it Spring yet?

What happened to our warm weather? I guess that serves me right getting all excited about daffodils popping up and the tips of my day lillies peeking from the ground...haha I know, I know...I've got it easy here in Atlanta compared to all my friends up North. I'm starting to think that old 'wives tale' is true about a person's blood thinning once they have been in the South for any length of time. I used to make it through those Upstate NY winters pretty hardily, but now.....pfsshhh...forget about it!

I've been busy in the studio these days...it's been lots of fun finishing up this sweet special order dollie for my friend, Kitty! She will be heading home soon, so I thought I better get some pics of her before she leaves the studio...

I've also been busy with my little Spring Thyme gal...Violet!

She just made it out to Ebay tonight! I hope you'll take a peek and tell me what you think of her, ok?

My TDIPT sisters are participating in a Spring/Easter Swap this month. I feel like one lucky ducky since my sweet swap partner Nancy Malay shipped early so I have my wonderful goodies. Everything is so precious....take a peek...

Look at these precious handmades from Nancy....

Pssst...those Ghiradelli Peanut Butter Squares are SCRUMPTIOUS!!! I am going to try the Ghiradelli Coffee tomorrow so I'll let you know how that is...can it be anything other than DELICIOUS with Ghiradelli on the package? hee hee

Okay...I'm signing off for the night...I hope you have a blessed evening...Hugs--Susan

Sunday, March 1, 2009

March 1, 2009

Wow...I cannot believe it's been two weeks since I wrote in my blog journal! I feel like such a slacker...haha It's been an interesting two weeks around the Walker home though. My sister, Mary, came to visit for a long weekend getaway from the snow and ice of Pennsylvania and it was WONDERFUL to spend time together. We did all the girly things...manicure/pedicure, shopping, movies, eating out and talking...talking...talking! It was FANTASTIC to have her here with me for three whole days. I'm looking forward to our next visit already.

It's been a busy couple of weeks in the studio too. I've been having so much fun taking Jane DesRosier and Maureen White's Creative Textures online class! I have all these wonderful ideas in my head that I just can't seem to get on canvas and I'm hoping some of these techniques will get me started in the right direction. I'm enjoying learning from these two very talented ladies and can hardly wait to get started on my own creation!!!

I have been honored with the pleasure of being the featured artist on Wymzee Art and Friends blog! I am so tickled to be chosen...Thank you Sandra and Lisa!!

Be sure to check out the Spring offerings on the Humble Arts website. The site is full of some new and exciting Spring Thyme offerings for you.

It's time to crank up the fireplace around here...we are getting SNOW in Atlanta today. haha Such strange weather we are having...Until next time...Wishing you many blessings...Susan