Monday, January 30, 2012

Puppy Haircuts today!

With the temps reaching the high 60s not a cloud in the sky, today became puppy haircut day! hee hee Cody and Prissy were starting to resemble wooly sheep more than bichons, so haircut day came none too soon. Here is their before picture:

and here is Cody's before:

As soon as we picked them up to carry them out to the make shift outdoor puppy salon, they knew something was up.  Since Prissy (who just turned 15) was the 'fluffiest' she got to go first, and then my 11 year old Codybug.  After a lot of scissoring and a quick run through with the clippers to finish them up I have my two little bichons back.

I'll be them a haircut is not my favorite thing to do, but once we get started, they LOVE all the praise and attention and that makes it all worth while.  Hope you are having a wonderful day....Susan

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