Sunday, February 7, 2010

All a Flutter Challenge on Ebay

I hope you are enjoying the Super Bowl tonight! My team isn't in it this year, so I admit I'm watching for the commercials...I hope we get some new funnies, don't you?

The Prim and Whimsy Girls are kicking of a challenge on Ebay tonight...All a Flutter! I hope you will get a chance to stop by and take a peek at all the fun and creative offerings.

My offering for the challenge is Spring Angel:

I took the challenge theme literally...Angel's wings flutter, she's holding a robin that flies and flutters and there's a fluttering butterfly on her bonnet. Anymore wing power on this gal and she might just fly away....

I hope you enjoy your evening...Hugs..Susan


Traci Paynter said...

Love her - she is fantastic - you can feel the wamrth from her!

Well done!

Traci <:

Susan Walker said...

Thank you so much Traci!! :-)

By Way of Salem said...

Wow I love your dolls! I had no idea - don't think I saw them before. I'm always amazed at peoples sewing talents. I should try one of your patterns. I'd like to try to make something out of fabric instead of clay. Great work!